My name is Numa Maurette, I am originally from Argentina but I live in Barcelona. I am the person behind Pompilio Plants, a project that joins pottery and plants.

Back when I was living in Buenos Aires I realized that most plants were kept in plastic pots. I thought, why something as beautiful as plants have to live in a soulless plastic pot? It was then that I started thinking about making something different and more beautiful.

I always liked characters and to make up little stories with them. A face is a character. I already had the Pompilios in my head.

Plants are living beings, but if they live in a pot with a face they have even more life in them.

Pompilio Plants was born out of the love I have always felt for plants. I was raised in a place surrounded by nature, which helped me have a deep connexion with it.

I have always felt that by working with your hands, you create an essential connexion with mother earth. I learned that after spending hours at my dad’s studio, while he worked on his wooden sculptures. My dad carved large wooden birds that my mum painted. In summertime we use to sell them at the market in Cordoba, Argentina.

I remember my dad with dirty hands, carving wood. Clay, a noble material, gives me the same feeling, and I feel it combines organically with my admiration for plants.

After several years not finding my path, I started studying botany and pottery and created Pompilio Plants. Now I feel there is no looking back, I couldn’t do anything else.

But I am still learning and I dream of one day having a bright studio with enough space to work with clay, wood or iron.  

Pompilio Plants is synonymous of happiness, a happiness born from doing what I love most and being able to make a living out of it. It fills me with joy to know that my pots carry in their DNA the same happiness that I feel.