Can you imagine the look on your guest’s face, when they receive a Pompilio as a wedding favour?

Do you need something special for your event?

Or maybe you are thinking about redecorating your hotel?


Our Pompilios can also be a gifted as a group. They love to be together and partying. That’s why we also take group orders for special celebrations.

We know that parties bring happiness, and that’s were Pompilios are at their best!

We have created Pompilios for…

  • Wedding favours
  • Centrepiece decor
  • Company gifts
  • Interior and exterior decoration
  • Collaborations with interior designers
  • Gifts for events
  • Decoration for hotels and restaurants

Tell us your dream, idea or project at and we will make sure that the Pompilio family makes it come true and fills it with happy memories.

Each one of our pots are handcrafted and painted by hand. So they are all different from each other.

There aren’t two Pompilios that are the same. When you are giving a Pompilio, you are giving a one off piece.

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